I too, I am a “Nigerian” Christian

I too, I am a “Nigerian” Christian! ( Je suis chrétien nigériane!)

Not long ago, the Islamic group Boko Haram killed 2000 Christians in Nigeria. I did not hear any world leader say “I too, am a Nigerian Christian” and I believe we understand why. The leaders of this world are rooted in humanistic, self-seeking and materialistic principles, defending their own interests and the interests of their supporting parties.

Nevertheless, it is not easy to understand the many Christians who declared themselves with Charlie Hebdo, but did not declare themselves with the Nigerian Christians.

I wonder why?

Is it not because so many Christians today have become more of Chrislamists? In other words, Allah, for them, is the same as the God of the Bible; and this is in spite of the fact that the Allah who inspired the Koran, negates that Jesus is God and negates that Jesus is the One and only way for the salvation of mankind. The Bible and Truth are not more important for the Chrislamists than their friendship with Muslim believers and their abandonment of Christ.

So many Christians today are not “Nigerian Christians”, because they believe in the ‘theology’ of prosperity, a heretic teaching which claims that the poor are not in good standing with God, therefore you cannot be poor and be a Christian. According to them, if you are a Christian, you are rich, prosperous and fit as a fiddle.

Most Christians today are not “ Nigerian Christians”, because they embrace emergent theories and worldly strategies, which focus on materialism and wealth; they teach and persuade millions of gullible followers, only to fill their own pockets.

Many Christians today are not “Nigerian Christians”, because they are fearful, they have built their heaven on earth, they are in love with the wealth and comfort of this world, with those damned thirty pieces of silver; therefore they are silent. Opening their mouths could mean their death and the heaven established here, with the silver in their own hands, would be lost forever.

Many Christians today are not “Nigerian Christians” because they have chosen leaders according to their own heart, they own assets, land, forests, they have money, planes, crowns and scepters, starting with the Catholic pope and the Orthodocs patriarchs, all the way to deep pockets protestant Evangelists and pastors.

I am a “Nigerian Christian” and I am sorry that I have been a coward for so long. Seeking forgiving from my Savior Christ Jesus, for I too, have been following the crowd, silently, seeking my own good, minding my own business, indulging in my own comfort.

Today, I am done being a rice Christian and declare that I too am a “Nigerian Christian”. I want to have integrity and live my life united in Christ and His kingdom, until I die, because heaven is with the Lord and not in this world.

Today, I rid myself of rice Christianity and its teachings, of the Pope, of the Orthodox patriarchs, of the protestant pastors, with deep pockets and empty teachings.

Today, I am a Nigerian Christian and this is what I want to be until the end of my days here on earth, a Christian united with Christ, a Christian with integrity, living my life in dignity, a Christian who is light to this world, the voice of God’s Word on this earth, living my life according to the Holy Scripture.

Simion Ioanãs