My Testimony

MY TESTIMONY-Simion Ioanas


My name is Simion Ioanas. I was born in 1968, married with 2 children. I have lived in Portland Oregon, USA since 1998. I was born in Arad and lived in the village Sagu until I immigrated into the United States.

My story starts several years ago, more specific in 1985, when I was a junior in a high school in Timisoara. This is when I first heard that I had to surrender myself to the Lord, that I had to repent. school mate, Claudiu, did exactly that and ever since spoke to us about God’s Plan of Forgiveness and that we were all part of it. I did not quite understand nor did I care too much at that time about that since I had no faith and I was self-sufficient in my belief that, as an Orthodox, I had a religion and would live the same way all other orthodox people lived. One think that grabbed me was the complete change in my school mate, Claudiu.

In the meantime, my sister became very ill. She also was a student in Timisoara and I was very upset because of her worsening health. She was put into hospital and got worse every day. When Claudiu heard about this he offered to introduce me to a good doctor. I asked him who the doctor was and he answered “Jesus Christ”. I laughed, but agreed to bet on His God’s powers. He prayed and his prayers were answered. The Lord rescued my sister and healed her. This divine intervention determined my sister to repent. She became a Christian.

This was many years ago. I have graduated high school since and returned to Sagu, where my parents lived. Without christian exposure, I started to do the same as everyone else around me: taking care of my pleasures and lusts. In a short time I was enslaved by passions and developed addictions – drinking, smoking, sex. All this deteriorated my health. In this time , in all those years, I was taken care of by the Lord, Who touched me several times, healing me. Although I had seen His works in my life I still found it difficult to surrender.

After about 10 years from my high school graduation, when my life had finally become a nightmare, it seemed that my sister’s and Claudiu’s prayers for me had reached the Lord.

It happened on 29 Novemebr 1994. I had returned from a big night party with my friends and went to sleep tired and intoxicated. I was at home, lying awake. It was late evening. And I started thinking of God, of the my life in sin and shame and fear came upon me: the state I was in! I dropped on my knees next to my bed and felt the presence of the Lord right next to me. This is when I surrendered my life into His Hands, begging for forgiveness and asking Him to set me free from any lust.

My life changed completely from that moment. I became His child. I read the Bible every day and started my personal relationship with Him. My God. Shortly after, my life took a radical turn and became in itself a testimony for those around me. I felt God’s Calling to make myself available to His work, to help others find the way to Him, so their lives can be changed. This is my current concern and I give my testimony everytime.

Right after I had turned my face to Him, I started encountering terrible resistance and trouble from with my parents, mainly my mother who could not understand Lord’s plan with me. My friends, my neighbors, the village churche’s priest, my co-workers. Despite all this I praise the Lord for giving me strength, being there for and with me. For the wisdom to understand His plan and making it possible for me to get the holy baptism. I became member of an Evangelic church, along with people who I saw changed by God. People who love the Bible and who live under God’s Will.

Some more years went by and I have seen God at Work so many times. Day by day. What joy, what happiness it is to be saved by Him. My heart is pounding and I know that noone and nothing can take me away from His Love.

I have decided to share this joy and wonder with you, dear reader , as part of His incredible Love he proved through Jesus Christ Our Savior, who died on the cross for our sins to be forgiven and forgotten. It is in His powers today as ever to forgive, to heal, to help with our problems, to change our lives. All these I have personally been through and seen happen to me. I pray that He changes your live too and you become a child of His. God Bless You.